Building a
Cleaner World.

One Kitchen At A Time.

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The developing world’s toughest problem...and biggest opportunity.

Over three billion people cook everyday using dirty fuels like sticks, charcoal, and dung. It’s terrible for their health, and the environment, leading to deforestation and erosion. And collecting firewood puts women and girls at risk. We need a better solution.

Thousands of cookstove projects have tried to design a solution that is truly clean, affordable and available to even the poorest families, and scaleable without subsides. None have yet succeeded.

We’ve learned the hard way there is no magic stove or fuel. The best solution is an integrated Fuel+Stove system, designed around customer needs. And there is a lot of wisdom to be had listening to the “mamas” that cook every day.

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Customer centered design:
it starts with listening

Women and girls traditionally bear the overwhelming costs of cooking, whether it’s hours a day at risk alone while gathering fuel, or in a dark smoky kitchen breathing toxic fumes. They know what works for them, and what doesn’t.

Our Fuel+Stove system is designed by and for women, through thousands of in-home visits. We touch every customer at least once a month and listen to what they like and don’t like, and are constantly asking the same question: how can we make our service better?

Recent improvements include longer burning, more efficient fuel chambers, and more flexible fuel purchasing options. We’ll keep listening, and improving.

A Mountaineer’s Greatest Challenge

Inyenyeri was founded in 2011 by Eric Reynolds, after he came to Rwanda to work on a community project for a group of genocide survivors.

An accomplished mountaineer and alpinist, at 21 Eric co-founded the outdoor clothing company Marmot, as a way of providing gear for elite adventure sports participants.  The company became successful because of their relentless commitment to quality, and customer service, summed up in their simple slogan: Guaranteed For Life.

He brought that same relentless focus and commitment to excellence to the challenge of solving clean cooking. After years of research and testing, Inyenyeri has created the right combination of fuel, stove, business model, and team to create a truly clean cooking solution available to everyone.



Meet Our Team

Inyenyeri has grown to almost 150 employees, in two countries across six locations. Below are some of our Rwandan operations. We are always looking to add excellent people to our team, so please take a look at our current openings.