Does More.
Costs Less.

That’s the Inyenyeri Difference.


Here’s how we do it.


A free lease of the cleanest, most efficient biomass cookstoves. In return, customers agree to buy wood pellet fuel from us.


Anyone can be a customer. Urban women buy their fuel pellets with cash, while rural customers trade raw biomass for pellets.


Save money from day one. A Rwandan family typically spends about $21 to cook for a month with charcoal, but only about $14 with Inyenyeri.


Rural customers need to collect only half as much wood as before. That saves 30+ hours a month, exposing women and girls to less risk, and leaving more time for work and education.


100% Risk and Hassle Free. No cost to sign up, and customers get as many stoves as they need to completely replace their old way of cooking. Plus free lifetime repair and replacement.


Free training and delivery. With SMS and mobile money, customers get free fuel delivery to their door via bike taxi, plus lifetime upgrades on their stoves.

I am proud and excited to be an Inyenyeri customer. Its clean cooking stove changed my life completely, due to kitchen and pans cleanliness ( no smoke ), saving money because of its affordability, and faster cooking!
— Patrick M.